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Training Session Durations: Benefits and Expectations

When it comes to program design and setting you up for success, we treat all training packages with the same care. That means whether you’re training with us for 30 minutes or 60 minutes you will receive the most effective program for both inside the gym and out to help you reach your fitness goals.

Every workout will begin with a dynamic warm-up to prepare your body for the following training sessions (more details below for each):

30 min | 60 min

*Semi private sessions and pricing available for 60 minute sessions. More details below.

Minute Sessions


  • A slightly more economical means to working with a trainer.
  • You will finish your program at our facility once your training session is over.

What it looks like:

We ask that you come in early to warm up. The plus side to this is that we will have more time to get through your program leaving you with less to do on your own.


Number of SessionsPrice per Session Total Price
4 (1x/week)$80$320
8 (2x/week)$75$600
12 (3x/week)$70$840
16 (4x/week)$65 $1040
Minute Sessions


  • Your entire workout is completed with your trainer.
  • We will be able to monitor form and intensity throughout your training session ensuring that you get the most out of your time and effort.

What it looks like:

We will still encourage you to come in early for a warm up, but would like to build in a slightly more advanced dynamic warm up to better prepare you for the butt kicking that will ensue 🙂

Once you’re feeling like you could rip a phone book in half and do the splits, we will guide you through your workout with the energy, attention. and creativeness you would expect from a top-notch trainer.


Number of SessionsPrice per SessionTotal Price
4 (1x/week)$120$480
8 (2x/week)$115$920
12 (3x/week)$110$1320
16 (4x/week)$105$1680

Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-private training sessions are available only for 60 minute signups. They offer a more economical and social option for getting fit.

60 min semi-private pricing:

Number of SessionsPrice per SessionTotal Price
4 (1x/week)$95$380
8 (2x/week)$90$720
12 (3x/week)$85$1020
16 (4x/week)$80$1280

*Please note the following:

To purchase training packages greater than four sessions you must meet minimum training frequency requirements- 2x/week to purchase 8, 3x/week for 12 and 4x/week for 16. If you would like to train more than 4x/ week well then you are just an absolute rockstar and we can certainly talk about further discounts.

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